window water intrusion testing in Los Angeles

Leaking windows leaking stucco walls and leaking decks in the Santa Clarita Valley

The Santa clarita Valley is somewhat new, compared to some of the other areas in Los Angeles. Of course Santa Clarita has its share of older homes and buildings but nothing like some places in LA.

Unfortunately, leak detection has become a necessity for many SCV residents especially with rain leaks. As a result, water testing by way of a standardized test with specialized equipment like moisture meters and infrared cameras which is famous for finding leaks and has now become a necessity.

Whats important about this is that with older or aging buildings systems start to also age. When the systems in your home start to degrade, areas like windows, roofs walls and other areas are subject to leaking when it rains.

Areas that leak in your home when it rains

3 most popular areas that leak when it rains in Santa Clarita.

  • Leaking windows
  • Stucco walls that leak
  • Decks that leak

Leaking Windows in Santa Clarita

As a resident and owner of a leak detection company here in the Santa Clarita Valley for my entire life, Ive seen my share of leaking windows especially using an infrared camera. Leaking windows can be a huge problem to many homeowners. Window leaks can result in water damage, mold, mildew, and just overall poor health living with these issues.

MARC MAZZA testing company knows just how many different types of water intrusion issues in Santa Clarita actually exists. Because building standards have change din recent times, it also means windows have also changed in this era. These changes affect the way windows perform and keep water intrusion out.

leaking windows in santa clarita

What causes water leaks in windows?

If you ask me what is the mats common occurrences for windows leaks, I’d say its rain leaks. Second to that is water leaks from sprinklers spraying on the windows. Water intrusion testing is one of the easiest ways to located or isolate window leaks.

Leaking windows that are the result of rain leaks often are older and most times made of wood or aluminum. Now Im not saying that wood or aluminum windows are terrible, Im just saying that the older windows we see in Santa Clarita are made of these materials.

For most people who experience window leaks and fail to get professional water intrusion testing from a water intrusion testing specialist are generally the ones who call a local Santa Clarita contractor to simply replace the entire window unit.

I replaced my windows with retrofit windows and they still leak… Why?

If you’re one of the Manu unlucky SCV residents who opted to replace their old leaking windows with newer retrofit type and they still leak… there may be a good reason.

In some cases.. not all, when you experience leaking windows after they were replaced, it’s not the window that is leaking but rather the stucco wall that leaks.

Nevertheless, there is still a leak but this time it’s an entirely different type of issue that requires specialized equipment that is capable for sourcing water intrusion. This type of water leak often requires the replacement of the actually wall. But since were on this topic, lets keep it going…

Stucco walls that leak here in Santa Clarita

Stucco walls that leak here in Santa Clarita

Would you ever expect you would ever see a stucco wall that actually leaks the it rains? We have. So the worst part about having your stucco walls leak is that it’s expensive to repair. Often times the entire wall of your home requires replacement unless it’s isolated to just the window, door or other penetration area.

What causes stucco walls to leak?

Interestingly enough, roof leaks, old building envelope paper, the weep screed, and other penetrations lead to the most common reasons Stucco walls leak. So let’s talk about some of these common issues.

Roof design and Roof leaks

The design of your roof can lead to your stucco walls leaking when it rains or when sprinklers spray on theme for an extended amount of time. For example, most roofs have an eave that overhangs the stucco walls.

However there are some roof designs that do not and are flat with the wall allowing water to run down the wall and deteriorate the stucco and inner paper.

Leaking roofs are another way that stucco walls can leak. I’ve personally seen where a roof leak literal runs down the inner wall framing, down the wall and deteriorate the weep screen allowing water to enter the Santa Clarita home.

Stucco walls that leak here in Santa Clarita

Old building paper is a common cause for Stucco wall leaks

Most people dont know that within the outer stucco layer is an inner paper layer. Its thing building paper that keeps the house water tight and resists rain leaks.

Water intrusion testing methods are essential for sourcing water intrusion in order to identify where moisture may enter. The ASTM standards E2128 outline the perfect test for this.

How old building paper allows for water leaks

Old building paper can deteriorate much like just about any other building material which makeup your home. Here in Santa clarita we are beginning to see more and more homes that leak from rain, as a result of older deteriorated building paper.

How to fix your Leaking Stucco Wall in Santa Clarita

For starters, fixing a stucco wall is no easy task. So once the water testing is complete and you are sure you know where the leak is, you can start the repair process. By the way, finding leaks is the easy part.

  1. First remove the stucco all the way to the bare wood.
  2. Second, replace the building paper in accordance with building standards
  3. Third, apply the first coat of stucco and make scratch marks in it
  4. Fourth, apply the second coat of stucco and let it dry completely for a few days
  5. Fifth step, apply your last coat of stucco and let it dry
  6. Last step is primer and paint the walls
I replaced my windows with retrofit windows and they still leak

Deck water leaks

Walk on decks are often problematic and for reason especially out in Santa Clarita. I personally think it’s because the homes are so new that many came with walk-on decks.

Decks have a life span much like doors, windows, walls, pipes, your plumbing pipes and so on… Sourcing water intrusion within a deck system takes experience. The type of experience only a water intrusion testing expert possess.

Your water leak can easily see water damage in a short time after rain is experienced. Obviously, the location of the installation of the deck system really matters because if the deck is freestanding it’s a completely different test than if it were attached to your home.

Water intrusion in your deck system

With so many different systems that make up your deck it’s difficult to say without a water intrusion test or at the very least, a scan using an infrared camera how to best locate your water leak. Our testing methods including testing the deck using the ASTM 5957 testing process.

This test requires the professional water intrusion expert to fill the area with water. In time and with the use of thermography, the operator can locate the leaks fairly easy.

There are other areas, however, which are more difficult to locate rain leaks. Because the deck might be directly attached to the building, water can actually leak in-between the decks attachment and the wall. In many cases, the water will not only leak under the deck but also into the building.