We are Building Leak Detection.

We specialize in Water intrusion testing, administering AAMA/ASTM leak detection tests within the greater Los Angeles area while also covering all of Southern California.

Our specialists typically consist of technicians with expertise in assessing and addressing water-related problems in buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. We work to evaluate, diagnose, and resolve issues such as leaks, moisture seepage, or other water-related concerns in residential or commercial properties.







Level III Thermographer

Professional level III thermographer in Los Angeles. We use thermal imaging cameras to detect and measure radiation in the infrared range. They often work in various industries like construction, electrical, mechanical, or medical fields to identify issues or anomalies that are not visible to the naked eye. This technology helps in preventive maintenance, diagnostics, and various applications related to temperature analysis. How can I assist you further regarding thermography or leak detection here in Southern California?

Expert Witness

Being an expert witness is a crucial role in legal proceedings where we, equipped with specialized knowledge and experience provide testimony or analysis to help the court understand complex subjects in water intrusion here in Los Angeles where specialized knowledge is required. What specific needs might you have in the area of water intrusion-related cases here in Los Angeles?

Years of Testing Experience

We are specialists in moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles. Our experience was obtained through experience via a combination of education, fieldwork, specialized training, and by working on numerous projects, handling diverse scenarios, and staying updated with evolving testing methodologies and building technologies.

Water intrusion Testing Tools

Building Leak Detection company possesses the latest in tool technology. Moisture intrusion testing often involves a combination of tools for comprehensive assessment, Moisture Meters, Infrared Cameras/Thermography, Borescopes / Endoscopes, hygrometers, surface temperature Sensors. These tools assist in identifying and diagnosing areas prone to moisture intrusion within buildings, helping our specialists pinpoint potential issues for remediation here in Southern California.

How We Work

Call us for a site visit.

When you call, be prepared to explain to us what type of water intrusion issue you're experiencing. Is the moisture intrusion from a window, a wall, a roof, a deck, or somewhere else? When does it leak (how long of a rain event) and how much water results from your water intrusion issue?

Set up an appointment.

With the information gathered from the first step, we can now move to making an appointment. Our pre-test visits are in most cases free of charge.  We typically can access your building within. just a few days here in Los Agneles. Out of state, or areas outside of LA may take a little longer.

Determine type of test.

During our site visit, we will determine the type of testing and testing procedure necessary at that time. With so many different types of AAMA and ASTM tests at our disposal, we'll choose the one that is appropriate for your specific water intrusion rain leak issue.