Cost of water intrusion inspection in Los Angeles

How Much is Water Intrusion Testing in Los Angeles

A smart way to find leaks in a home is through forensic water entry testing by professional leak detection services. The first hour of work for water intrusion testing costs $275. Many moisture intrusion testing companies in Los Angeles charge $1350 for half a day and $2650 for a full day. A Water intrusion expert will charge per job or per hour when working in Los Angeles.

Sun and rain in Southern California can harm building materials. The UV rays from the sun cause the degradation of materials over time. The heat from the sun can cause cracks, warping, and structural damage. Sunlight can contribute to the drying out of building materials by evaporating moisture. This can lead to shrinkage, cracking, and splitting of materials, especially in drier climates.

Basic Water Test


1 Hour
  • Visual Inspection
  • Physical Inspection
  • Moisture Meter
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Basic Water (wand) Test
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Full Day Testing


(Limitations Apply)
  • Visual Inspection
  • Physical Inspection
  • Moisture Meter
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  • Water test up to 8 hours
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Water Intrusion Tests and Inspections in Los Angeles Cost More

When it comes to water intrusion testing or rain leak inspections Los Angeles just may be one of the most expensive places to do this. Let me explain... the older the homes get the more difficult they are to locate rain leaks. Likewise, the bigger and more expensive the homes are in places like West Hollywood, Century City and Beverly Hills... the more they are to inspect and test.    Some of these homes in these areas can get as large as 50,000 square feet with hundreds of windows. Because of this, LA is one of the most expensive places in California to inspect and rain leak test.

These conditions paired with rain are a prime cause for water leaks in homes and other building structures. To avoid costly repair from moisture damage, the first step is to contact a professional building leak detection company to investigate the moisture intrusion and determine the cause. This type of leak inspection by leak detection specialists can help to avoid further water damage or high water bills that will most likely be paid by the homeowner or insurance company if the damage is related to a home insurance claim.

Price of Water Intrusion Inspection | Testing in Los Angeles

Homeowners are willing to pay this cost for moisture leak inspection services that will determine a cause and repair to prevent further water damage to their Los Angeles home or building. The money saved on repair to a property from rain leaks or other moisture-causing water damage is worth the cost of hiring a moisture leak detection company.

Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Water Intrusion Testing and Inspections in the Greater Los Angeles Area

A professional water leak detection company will need to determine what types of specialized equipment will be used. It can depend on the location and type of leak. Just a side note... the companies who possess the best equipment will typically cost a little more.

Some examples of equipment or tools can include:

  • Scaffolding
  • Lifts
  • Sling stage equipment
  • Infrared cameras
  • Spray wands
  • Spray racks
  • Moisture meters

The tools used by the water intrusion specialist for these individual water leak tests are dependent on the tests themselves. For example, one test like the 501.2 requires a spray wand. On the other hand, the ASTM E1105 test requires a spray rack, pressure chamber, and vacuum system.

Common Causes of Water Intrusion in Los Angeles

Factors that Contribute to the Fees for Water Intrusion Testing | Inspections

The cost of water testing in Los Angeles is impacted by the different types of leaking conditions present within a property. The process to test or inspect suspect moisture can be simple or more complicated thus contributing to the overall cost of testing. This will be determined by professional water leak detection services in Los Angeles.

So here are some examples of what goes into figuring the cost of leak detection testing in LA:

  • Time
  • Accessibility
  • Destructive testing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Area(s) tested
  • Standardized tests or non-standardized tests
  • Specialized equipment used.

Time - a Consideration for Testing Expenses

Different types of water leaks in Los Angeles are investigated so various types of water tests are used as leak detection to identify the origin of the leaks. Whether the leak inspection cost is based on an hourly fee or per the project, moisture leak detection methods will vary. A lengthy test such as hydrostatic water testing will take more time than a wand test.

Visible water stains or water damage may require one or more types of water intrusion tests. Generally, this will take longer. All of these time factors will affect the cost or costs of the inspection or testing for water intrusion in Los Angeles.

Accessibility  Adds to the Testing Costs

The location of the issue or areas affected on or in a building that requires either a water intrusion inspection, leak detection inspection, or water testing may be easily accessible or difficult. The more difficult the area or place is to get to the more expensive the water test or inspection will be. Professional leak detection services will use special equipment to safely access the location.

Usually, windows in a tall building will need a lift or scaffolding for safe and steady access. Since the leak detection services company will typically need to pay to rent this equipment, the cost will be passed on to the homeowner or business owner.

Non-Destructive Water Intrusion Testing saves Money

A Los Angeles rain leak detection services company like Building Leak Detection, will always strive to perform a water test without causing damage or need for repairs to find the water leak on areas affected. This is called non-destructive water intrusion testing.

The most common method used to identify moisture intrusion is called thermal imaging. We are a Los Angeles moisture intrusion specialist and use infrared cameras to take temperature-based images of the building envelope to scan for water penetration after rain or a water test. Often visible water dripping onto floors or leaks are an indicator of where water intrusion is occurring and causing water damage. Moisture meters are then used to verify the thermal imaging.

stucco rain leaks in Los Angeles

Destructive Water Intrusion Testing Increases the Fee

There are times when a rain leak detection specialist needs to do destructive testing on a building or house to locate the source of the leak. Water leaks cannot always be detected without the removal of materials or sections of walls. There are additional costs not only with the demolition but the repairs to the property once the leaks have been found and the repairs need to be made. An experienced leak inspection company will analyze the findings and recommend repairs that need to be made.

Destructive Water Intrusion Testing Increases the Costs

Santa Clarita Windows With an Active Leak

Types of Water Intrusion Tests

Often after a steady rain, signs of leaking, water intrusion or even mold can be found in many areas of a building but are most common in the following:

  • windows
  • walls
  • decks
  • roof

Window Leak Testing

Windows with suspected rainwater leaks can be tested using a spray rack or a spray wand. The spray wand is used specifically for business storefront windows or curtain walls are sometimes also found in residential homes. This test is called the AAMA 501.2. This service needs to be performed by an experienced water intrusion specialist in Los Angeles to get a proper evaluation through standardized water leak detection.

Building wall rain Leak Testing In Los Angeles

Building Wall Leak Testing

After a visual inspection, walls are tested using ASTM 2128. The forensic testing methods for the walls may vary depending on the structure of the building. Leak detection requires experience with leaks that occur coming from either the roof or other areas of the structure.

Determining the type of testing required involves knowledge and experience of having seen the same type of leaks that occur over and over in a building or house. This type of rain leak detection can only be done by professional moisture intrusion companies like Building Leak Detection.

Deck Leak Testing

If we were to leak test a deck, for example, we would use these super cool water barriers which look just like large balloons. These barriers are placed around the area believed to be the cause of the water intrusion. Once filled, they will allow water to pool in the vicinity of the leak and thus re-create the leak within the deck system.

This adds to the costs as it takes time to fill, set up the bags, perform the tests, and empty them once complete. Once the water leak specialists detect the area where the rain has penetrated, recommendations can be made on how to fix the problem before further water damage can occur. Leak detection services such as Building Leak Detection Company that are professional and experienced will have equipment like water barriers to help determine if there is a leak.

deck rain leaks in Los Angeles
roof leak inspection in Los Angeles

Roof leak Testing

Roofs are often the entry point of rain leaks or other types of moisture that can leak into a building envelope and cause damage to walls and other components. Mold is often the result of water that has been left undetected for a certain period of time. This safety issue can be remedied by mold remediation services so that the occupants can be safe. Rain leak detection by qualified professionals is the best way to locate the moisture entry point.

Specialized Equipment for Water Leak Detection

The costs involved in a leak detection test or inspection can be affected by the equipment necessary to perform the testing needed. The rain leaks need to be accessed properly and safely by Building Leak Detection Company, the moisture intrusion specialist in Los Angeles.

Visible water damage may need a test that requires a spray rack to be attached or mounted to the building. This spray rack test or other types of tests may require the water intrusion professionals to pay for the rental of equipment such as lifts or scaffolding to accommodate the placement of the equipment onto the building.

Sometimes however, leaks are not always on the bottom floors and in order to inspect or test after suspicion of a rain leak, this equipment will need to be used which will add to the cost of the moisture intrusion testing.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing are specific leak detection tests that allow for the reproduction of the same test under the same water pressures using specialized equipment like a spray rack. This way, if the project requires additional testing, they will be measuring against the same variables. Often this type of testing can be used in litigation between an owner and a builder or contractor.

When hiring a leak detection service to find moisture intrusion, the company must be familiar with standardized tests such as the following:

AAMA 501.2

ASTM E1105

ASTM 5957

ASTM 2128

Common Causes of Water Intrusion

There are common causes of leaks into a building or house such as deterioration from age, poor quality of building materials, and the installation method. But who are we kidding... we live in Los Angeles where the houses are collectively older and because they are older the materials were first of all... built with antiquated quality, antiquated materials, and mostly due to age as mentioned.

Age Deterioration in Building Materials Can Lead to Leaks

Homes in Los Angeles, California go through weather extremes. The long summers provide for hot sunny conditions that wear down and deteriorate exterior parts which make them more susceptible to leaks after a rain storm.

Building Leak Detection Service uses various testing methods and tools to provide rain leak detection. The old and aging walls, windows, doors, decks, and roofs are inspected and if necessary, tested for this type of leak.

Poor Quality of Building Materials Might In Time Leak

Builders of buildings, houses, and other structures are usually trying to minimize the cost of materials used. As with most anything that can be purchased for the exterior of a building, there are low-end and high-end products. The cheaper materials being of lower quality tend to deteriorate and become weak more quickly and easily.

Using efficient and standardized methods of testing, Building Leak Detection Service will detect and analyze the origin of the leak. Typically leaks are found after a rain.

Poor Installation is Usually always an Area of Concern

The rain in Los Angeles brings with it moisture and leaks. Water intrusion is common in structures built using poor installation methods. Inexperienced installers or contractors taking shortcuts allow for gaps, cracks, or other inefficiencies contributing to moisture intrusion. Water intrusi0n specialists can detect the moisture with various water testing methods and recommend repair.

Improperly Installed Stucco Creates Rain Leaks

Stucco can be improperly installed which can allow the water through the stucco and into the interior of the house. There are multiple layers necessary for the stucco to minimize water penetration. The water that does get through is supposed to run down to the weep screed and out to the exterior.

Poor Window Installation Will Typically lead To Moisture Intrusion

Poor window installation methods can allow water to leak into the structure. Faulty flashing, improperly installed seals, cracks, or gaps will allow the water to leak in from the frame. This type of leak can allow for moisture entry into the building envelope.

Improper Roof Installation is a Sure Sign That There Will Be a Roof Leak

Roofs are often areas of a structure that are installed improperly allowing water to leak into the interior of the building. Gaps can be left for water to enter. Poor installation of flashing around valleys and vents or improper installation of roofing paper can also allow for a leak into the structure.

Specialized methods using spray racks or spray wands help the Building Leak Detection services identify the location of the leak. Typically thermal imaging and moisture meters are used within the interior to pinpoint the area of concern.

  • Stucco wall rain leak in Los Angeles
  • Stucco wall rain leak in Los Angeles
  • Stucco wall rain leak in Los Angeles
  • Stucco wall rain leak in Los Angeles
  • Stucco wall rain leak in Los Angeles

All Water Intrusion Specialists Are Not the Same

Water intrusion is a condition that can lead to costly damage and serious health issues if not identified and entry points repaired. It takes knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to be able to identify areas where moisture is suspected.

Testing Methods

There are various test methods that apply to specific situations or areas. Standardized tests such as the AAMA 501.2 for fixed windows or the ASTM 2128 for walls. The Building Leak Detection Services knows these standards and uses them for testing.

Specialized Equipment

Building Leak Detection professionals use specialized equipment to replicate rain to locate the moisture and test the suspected entry location. Spray racks with special nozzles, spray wands and pressure chamber tools assist in properly detecting the rain leak.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared cameras detect moisture, typically from rain, without destructive testing using thermal imaging. This rain leak detection method can take pictures of an area based on the temperature. Moisture meters are then used in these areas to confirm what is seen in the infrared images.

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