water leak and moisture intrusion in Beverly Hills California

Water Leak and Moisture Intrusion Experts in Beverly Hills

No matter where you live in Los Angeles when it rains it literally pours. And when there are issues like rain leaks or moisture intrusion, Let’s be honest… it’s a huge disappointment. And when you have a rain leak in your home or business, who do you find to inspect it or even repair it? Finding a water intrusion expert in Beverly Hills is almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I mean, they are virtually nonexistent.

That said, however, there is hope. In fact, the building leak detection company from Santa Clarita inspects homes that experience water intrusion issues from rain or just about anything else. Our company utilizes the most state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint leaks throughout your home. Here are just a few items we test for rain leaks here in Beverly Hills California.

  • Window rain leaks
  • Stucco wall leaks
  • Siding leaks
  • Door rain leaks
  • Deck leaking
  • Roof leaks

moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles

6 Things to Do When You Find Water Intrusion

First and foremost, water intrusion in your home or office is no small issue. Water intrusion can cause some real damage to your interior ceilings, walls, and floors, Mold is one of the bigger concerns of homeowners when they experience water intrusion from rain for example. So when you find that you have some type of moisture intrusion you will want to follow these few steps.

  1. Create a log of the event including the time the rain even started
  2. Document the weather conditions at the time the leak is discovered (wind, soft or hard rain, etc…)
  3. Write down how long it took the leak to be noticed once it started raining
  4. Mark the location of the rain leak where it entered the building
  5. Take a bunch of pictures
  6. Contact a moisture intrusion professional as soon as possible

Because your choices of water intrusion and rain leak experts are so limited in Los Angeles you will want to start your process of locating a company by searching through places like Nextdoor, Instagram, and Facebook to start off. I think personally, I wouldn’t look into places where companies pay to advertise their services only because I think personal experiences are what’s important here.

Our company is equipped to perform water leak forensic inspections and testing to locate the source or origination of rain leak events.