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Qualified Water Intrusion rain leak professionals in Burbank

Qualified Water Intrusion rain leak professionals in Burbank

Let’s be honest… most of us at some point have experienced leaking windows in the rain. Because rain leak detection is not a super popular field, finding a water intrusion expert is simply not that easy. But rest assured… the building leak detection company is here for you serving Burbank and beyond.

As a water intrusion expert company here in Burbank and Los Angeles, we understand how water travels through a building and its various components like windows, decks, and stucco walls. Not just anyone can provide the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose these types of conditions.

Water intrusion rain leak professionals in Burbank

Do you have leaking windows when it rains?

Rain leak detection is not just for roof leaks but it includes windows as well. Burbank has some pretty old homes and with these aging systems comes rain leaks. Despite what some self described rain leak specialists claim, new windows can leak just as commonly as old windows leak in the rain.

We detect water leaks that just about nobody else can. We possess years of knowledge in the testing of multiple different systems within a building both with windows pressure and without.

For us, a water leak can cause great devastation and can leak to things like mold, and significant water damage.

Water intrusion rain leak professionals in Burbank

3 things that can cause windows to leak

There are multiple different things that can cause a window to leak. That said, however, in all our years of testing windows for rain leaks, we have come up with 3 reasons that cause windows to commonly leak.

  1. The age of the window can cause rain leaks. The age of the window causes the inward to break down and once this happens, rainwater can enter into your home or building.
  2. Improperly installed windows can cause rain leaks. Windows that are not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications or building codes in mind can leak. The manufacturer determines the exact manner in which their product is to be installed.
  3. Deteriorated or damaged flashing can cause a window to leak. Flashing is the one item that if damaged or defective can cause water to enter a building easily.

Can stucco walls in Burbank actually leak?

Stucco is simply a covering. This stucco covering protects the interior of the building and is installed over building paper or the building’s envelope.

Most people think that stucco walls are waterproof when in fact they are not. Not even painting the wall with elastomeric paint will keep moisture out.

Water intrusion rain leak professionals in Burbank

3 Things that cause your stucco walls to leak

  1. Cracks in stucco cause leaks. Even the smallest of cracks in a stucco wall can leak to interior water intrusion.
  2. Improper flashings around penetrations. When installing the building’s envelope to resist water intrusion, the areas that penetrate the building are carefully flashed and if not, leaks can occur.
  3. Deteriorated buildings barrier. Leak detection in Burbank starts with knowing how systems fair during rain. The building’s envelope is a barrier around the home and its what the stucco gets installed onto.

The Myth About Rain Leaks

Many people feel that rain leaks occur in buildings for a handful of reasons. Cracks in stucco walls, broken windows, and missing roof materials.

Of course, these conditions will all lead to water stains in the home and yes… even water intrusion. Here are a few myths about rain leaks…

  1. Rain leaking only happens in the rain. Even though sprinklers are not technically rain… it’s still water. But yes, sprinkler spray over time can absolutely lead to water intrusion.
  2. Light drizzle won’t lead to leaks. Even the smallest amount of rain can lead to moisture intrusion.
  3. Water leak detection won’t find rain leaking. The only effective way to find leaks in your Burbank home is to perform specialized water testing methods to located leakage in a house. Tests like the E1105, 511-08, and 2128.
Deck Leaks In Burbank

Deck Leaks In Burbank

Much like windows and walls, decks too can leak. Leak detection for Burbank decks is a big business. With deteriorating materials being the leading cause of deck leaks. That said, however, the drains are another place in deck systems that can and do leak.

Railing penetrations, flashings, top coating are components that require regular maintenance in the form of service or replacement. Water will easily enter these places if the flashing and railing are not properly serviced.

Burbank deck leaks are widespread. Again, structural age or poor construction practices might cause this. With an old city like Burbank, refurbishment is common. With so much building, you have to envision some subpar contractors.

Deck leaks are widespread, but some go undetected for years. most of the time these deck leaks literally destroy the decks inner framing and in most cases, the exterior as well. Most contractors are not capable of detecting how water enters the deck system without reproducing the issue with water intrusion tests.

Some older Burbank buildings have basements…older neighborhoods have poor drainage and that is troublesome. Water runoff toward your structure may stream into and beneath it. Time deteriorates brickwork and concrete from the outside in. Water Intrusion Leak Testing generates traceable, repairable leaks tracing. Everything has a lifetime, even waterproofing. The masonry block becomes subject to degradation and leaking when waterproofing fails.

Infrared cameras for water intrusion

Infrared cameras for water intrusion

Infrared technology has come a very long way in a short period of time. If you may not be familiar with thermography in Burbank and Los Angeles, it’s used to locate issues within a building by showing the systems in heat or temperatures and then colors.

Thermal imaging is always used in conjunction with other tools like moisture meters for example. Water leaks in a home can easily be located with the use of this equipment. Using infrared cameras for water intrusion is highly recommended especially when you think of how old some of these Burbank homes can be.

With the homes in Burbank getting older, the homeowners are choosing not to have their walls, ceilings, etc removed for investigations. An infrared camera will solve this issue. Because infrared cameras inspect from the exterior it’s considered nondestructive testing equipment.

How Much Does Leak Detection Cost in Burbank

How Much Does Leak Detection Cost in Burbank?

The cost of a water intrusion investigation in Burbank and Los Angeles is around $275.Mostly, this will be a nondestructive testing method like the use of moisture meters, moisture mapping, and infrared cameras.

Once you start removing wall covering materials and performing a more forensic-style investigation, the fee will start to increase quickly.

Burbank leak detection services | Types of Rain Leak Detection

There are a bunch of water leak detection services available.

We inspect and test;

  • Decks
  • Stucco walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofs and more.

Visual Inspection for Water Intrusion

As we touched on previously, there is nondestructive inspections and destructive inspections. This is to say some inspections require removing home building coverings and some do not.

A visual inspection can be achieved by using methods like mapping with tools like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. Most visual inspections are free of charge in Burbank, however, there are cases where a fee is required. This fee is typically around $275.

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