water hose used for window leak testing

Can you use a hose for rain leak testing?


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Why you cannot use a water hose to re-create or find a rain leak…never.

Using a water hose to simulate or re-create a rain leak is never recommended. Too much pressure can overwhelm the system, which can include walls, windows, doors, roofs or decks, being tested and create a leak. Specialized equipment is specifically calibrated to replicate the water pressure. You cannot use a water hose to simulate or re-create a water leak because it is not standardized.

Can you use a hose for rain leak testing?

The recreation of water pressure in water testing is essential

Accurate Measurement:

Water pressure is an essential parameter that needs to be measured accurately in water testing. Recreation of water pressure ensures that the measurements obtained are reliable and can be used for further analysis and decision-making. It also allows for standardization so that no matter which Los Angeles water intrusion specialist performs the test, the parameters will be the same allowing for comparison.


Water pressure standards are established for different applications, such as wall and window testing. Replication of water pressure allows for the testing of water systems against these standards, ensuring compliance and compatibility with the intended purpose.

Performance Evaluation:

Reproduction of water pressure helps evaluate the performance of various components, such as walls, windows and doors under realistic operating conditions. Equally important, by subjecting these components to the appropriate water pressure, their efficiency and durability can be assessed accurately.

System Integrity Assessment:

Recreation of water pressure helps identify any leaks, weaknesses, or failures in the walls, windows, roof or deck. By testing the system, any abnormalities or deficiencies can be detected, leading to timely repairs and maintenance to prevent damage or sickness from mold contamination.

Research and Development:

Recreating water pressure allows for testing methods to be standardized no matter which company is doing the test. By simulating rain leak conditions, Los Angeles water intrusion professionals can assess the performance, efficiency, and reliability of their innovations, leading to prevention of damage or suggested repairs. In conclusion, the recreation of water pressure in water testing is essential for accurate measurement, standardization, performance evaluation and system integrity assessment.

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Spray Racks Provide the Proper Water Pressure – you cannot use a hose to re-create a water leak

A spray rack is used in water testing to evenly distribute water samples onto testing plates or surfaces. It consists of a metal or plastic frame with multiple nozzles or spray heads attached to it. The purpose of using a spray rack is to ensure that the water sample is evenly distributed across the testing surface, allowing for accurate and consistent results. Therefore, to achieve even distribution, you cannot use a water hose used to re-create a water leak.

The use of a spray rack in water testing helps maintain consistency and reproducibility in the testing process. By ensuring that the water sample is evenly distributed, the spray rack minimizes the potential for sampling bias or uneven distribution of water. This is particularly important in quality control programs where accurate and reliable results are crucial.

Overall, the use of a spray rack in water testing improves the accuracy, precision, and reliability of the testing process. It helps ensure that the water sample is evenly distributed, allowing for consistent and representative analysis of various parameters.

The Rain Maker spray rack is calibrated according to ASTM standards and is guaranteed to pass a calibration test at any time.The Rain Maker is designed to adhere to these test standards: ASTM E1105, ASTM E331, ASTM E547, ASTM E2112, ASTM E2128, AAMA 502, AAMA 503, AAMA 511. It is used around the world to perform these, and other spray tests.

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The Rain Maker Rain Wand is the only way to perform certain standardized water leak tests such as the AAMA 501.2

You cannot use a hose to re-create a water leak. Standardized testing is the most accurate way to properly find water leaks. Using this tool is the only way to adhere correctly to the AAMA 501.2 standard for testing curtain walls and storefront windows in the field.

The Rain Wand, is comprised of a quick coupling hose connection with an accurate adjustment valve and a pressure gauge between the valve and the Monarch Type B-25, #6.030 brass nozzle. The Rain Wand comes with a dated calibration certificate in compliance with the AAMA 501.2 test standard. The Monarch B-25 nozzle provides a solid cone spray at an angle of 80 degrees.

In conclusion, Los Angeles moisture intrusion professionals will use specialized tools such as the Rain Maker spray rack and spray wand to diagnose a water leak. These specific tools are used to re-create standardized pressures necessary to conduct the proper test for the building application. In most cases the tests performed are mandated by the manufacturer to ensure the same testing protocol is used when tested at their facility. It is for this reason you cannot use a hose for leak testing.

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