water hose used for window leak testing

Can you use a hose for rain leak testing?


Using a water hose is often used to located water intrusion leaks however we do not recommend this. Water hoses are not a good idea for water intrusion testing because it cannot be replicated if necessary and it can apply too much force to the specimen forcing a leak.

Moisture mapping in Los Angeles

What is Moisture Mapping for Moisture Intrusion?


Moisture mapping is used to located moisture intrusion within a surface by tracing water patterns. Infrared thermography and moisture meters are used together to perform moisture mapping.

Water Deck leak water intrusion testing in Los Angeles

How Do You Water Test Decks For Leaks?


Deck water leak testing involves assessing the waterproofing integrity of a deck or balcony structure by applying water under controlled conditions to detect any leaks or water ingress

Destructive testing for water intrusion her sin Los Angeles

What is destructive testing?

Marc Mazza

Destructive testing involves breaking, cutting, or otherwise damaging a material or structure to understand its properties, performance, or behavior.