ASTM E 331 Los Angeles Water Intrusion Test

What is the ASTM E331 Water Intrusion Test?

Marc Mazza

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The ASTM E 331 Water Intrusion Testing Method in Los Angeles

ASTM E331 is a standard test method used to determine water penetration of exterior windows, skylights, curtain walls, and doors subjected to uniform static air pressure difference. It helps assess how well these building components resist water ingress under specific conditions. Standardized testing provides a consistent means of comparison even if the test is done by two separate moisture intrusion companies.

The ASTM E331 Uses Consistent Static Pressure for the Test

The ASTM E331 is to be performed using only uniform static pressure by using specialized equipment such as a spray rack that has special nozzles. These spray racks are also calibrated for use on this standardized test. When we perform the ASTM E331 test, water is consistently sprayed onto the area being tested while the air pressure is being lowered in the air chamber on the opposite side.

The spray rack grid allows for all of the water to be sprayed on the location in a uniform manner so all of there area is affected.  So think of the air chamber as a way of using a vacuum set at a pressure that would imitate wind driven rain pushing the water on the area.

Building Leak Detection Service has Qualified Technicians in Los Angeles

Considering the science involved…the person performing the ASTM E311 must have the experience and know how in order to get the right results. There are formulas involved that tell the testing professional such as Building Leak Detection Service what water and air pressure to use. Our experts out in the field know which specific test to use based on the existing evidence of a leak. Forensic testing is our specialty and we also have all of the equipment to make testing a success in locating moisture intrusion.

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