Los Angeles E 1105 water intrusion test in Los Angeles

What is an ASTM E1105 Water Intrusion Test?

Marc Mazza

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ASTM E 1105 Water Penetration Test In Los Angeles

The ASTM E1105 is a standard test method used to determine the water penetration of exterior windows, curtain walls, and doors under specified conditions of pressure difference across the specimen. It’s a common test to assess the performance of these building components against water infiltration.

Such penetration testing necessitates specialized equipment. It often requires a test chamber mounted on the assembly’s inside side. This chamber effectively separates the assembly from the interior of the structure while allowing surfaces and joints to be easily inspected.

To keep the proper level of consistent air pressure during the test, we additionally use an air control system. We may keep an eye on the pressure differential between the interior test chamber pressure and the surrounding air pressure using a different pressure measurement tool.

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