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The ASTM E 331 Water Intrusion Testing Method in Los Angeles

What is the ASTM E331 water intrusion test? The ASTM E331 is a standard test method used to determine water penetration of exterior windows, skylights, curtain walls, and doors subjected to uniform static air pressure difference. That means that the air pressure used in the test along with the specialized water spray system, will recreate a wind driven rain event. In other words…it helps to figure out how well these building components resist water entry under specific conditions.

Water Spray on the building is Consistent with Standardized Testing

Standardized testing provides a consistent way of comparison, even if the test is done by two separate moisture intrusion companies. Building Leak Detection in Los Angeles uses this standard test method and provides a comprehensive test report for their clients.

The ASTM E331 test method for water penetration is helpful when a court case or any type of litigation calls for comparison of more than one test on the building by different Building Leak Detection specialists. The report is always specifically written as if it were going to be used in court. We will always include important information about the testing conditions and locations. Pictures of the building or construction site also help in determination of evidence.

The ASTM E331 Uses Consistent Static Pressure for the Test

The ASTM E331 is to be performed using only uniform static pressure by using specialized equipment such as a spray rack that has special nozzles. These spray racks are also calibrated for use on this standardized test. When we perform the ASTM E331 test, water is consistently sprayed onto the area being tested while the air pressure is being lowered in the air chamber on the opposite side. We work with both systems at the same time to determine whether or not water is entering the building.

Use of a water spray system is absolutely necessary for the ASTM E331 testing method. One type of special equipment used is the spray rack grid allows for all of the water to be sprayed on the location in a uniform manner so all of there area is affected.  This means that the area will be wet uniformly by special nozzles spaced equally apart. So think of the air chamber as a way of using a vacuum set at a pressure that would imitate a wind driven rain event, pushing the water onto the area.

Consistent Air Pressure

You may wonder what creates the uniform static air pressure used in the chambers for the ASTM E331 test method. It is a simple combination of pressure and a vacuum. Typically the test kit comes with accurate pressure differential meters and the high and low scale high-impact acrylic flow meters for measuring air infiltration. This means all of those qualities help to make sure that the pressure used in the air chambers on the opposite side of the tested area are consistent.

The ASTM E331 test is a way to test the water tightness of exterior windows, curtain walls, skylights, windows and doors. Our crew will come in and set up a spray system on the outside of the building envelope. They will then build a custom pressurized air chamber out of plastic and wood on the opposite side or the inside of the building.

Determining the Correct Pressure for the ASTM E331

You would definitely want an experienced water intrusion specialist to determine the appropriate pressure for the testing. We absolutely take care to set up the specialized equipment properly and efficiently. It makes sense that the more accurate the set up and testing, the more accurate the results will be.

Building Leak Detection works proficiently to get it right for their clients…we know the costs involved in water damage. We will inspect and test using efficient methods that will help our clients save money. The less time it takes for us to find the leak, the less the client will have to pay for the service.

The water will spray on the area on the outside while on the inside or opposite side, the vacuum pressure system is helping to create a wind driven rain event. For, example, we may recreate a rain driven wind of 24 miles per hour. These two systems work together that helps to determine whether or not there is a leak.

Building Leak Detection Service has Qualified Technicians in Los Angeles

Considering the science involved…the person performing the ASTM E311 must have the experience and know how in order to get the right results. There are formulas involved that tell the testing professional such as Building Leak Detection Service what water and air pressure to use.

Our experts out in the field know which specific test to use based on the existing evidence of a leak. Forensic testing of fenestration products is our specialty and we also have all of the equipment to make testing a success in locating moisture intrusion.

If you are experiencing moisture intrusion with exterior windows, walls skylights or doors, it’s important to contact a leak detection service for inspection or testing. Building Leak Detection Testing company is experienced in inspection and testing for water intrusion. Standardized testing is one of our specialties. We use the most updated technology that includes thermography.

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