ASTM E547 Standard Test Method


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ASTM E547-00 – Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls by Cyclic Static Air Pressure Difference

When there is a suspected water leak in a building, more than likely, a specific test method for water penetration is needed. An experienced building leak detection company will know what to do. For instance, a homeowner would want a test that follows certain standards. This means that specific steps and pressures are used for the test.

The ASTM E547 standard test method uses a specialized calibrated spray apparatus. Water is evenly applied to the suspected area at the same time with cyclic static air pressure. This air pressure is applied higher at the outdoor face higher than the pressure on the indoor face. The static air pressure difference will help to determine the source of the water penetration.

How Water Penetration Testing Works

Water can get into a building easily with the proper wind and rain combination. This test method covers exterior windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls. Most people wonder how this test can be so specific or standardized… a spray rack that uses special nozzles is use to control the spray onto the exterior windows, skylights and doors and curtain wall. The ASTM E5487 standard test method requires the use of cyclic static air pressure to combined with water to ┬árecreate a wind driven rain event to find water leaks.

An Experienced Water Intrusion Specialist Will Know Specifics

Building Leak Detection Company has experience and knowledge in order to get the right results. For example, knowing the principals of measurements is absolutely necessary to properly use this standard test method. Along with specialized, calibrated equipment the ASTM E547 standard test method provides results. We are a neutral third party ready to test and write comprehensive reports at reasonable rates.

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