AAMA 501.2 Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Test


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The AAMA 501.2 test isĀ a Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls, and Sloped Glazing Systems

The AAMA 501.2 quality assurance and diagnostic water leakage field test is used as a standardized test procedure. This evaluation is designed to test the performance of installed storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems. This means that the Building Leak Detection specialists check the joints, gaskets and sealant details also known as perimeter caulking in the windows. These window systems are intended to remain permanently closed and should be water tight.

The AAMA 501.2 Uses a Spray Wand to Test the Installed Storefronts, Curtain walls and Sloped Glazing

A very specific nozzle manufactured by Monarch must be used for this standardized test. The nozzle should be attached to a spray wand or other apparatus. A calibrated pressure gauge must also be connected to the system. The pressure for this field test should be 30 to 35 PSI. There are certain exceptions in which the water pressure can be lower, for instance, a historical building.

The Testing Procedure

There are very specific procedures to give this water test. Building Leak Detection Company is very familiar with this type of testing which is normally for commercial buildings. First of all, the area needs to be divided into 5 foot sections. Each of these sections should be sprayed continuously for 5 minutes with the nozzle by moving it slowly back and forth. The nozzle needs to be held perpendicular to the testing section. All sections will be tested using this process.

While the water intrusion professional is performing this test on the outside, on the inside, there is someone observing for any leaks or water penetration. Any leaks should be noted and suggestions for remediation will be given.

The Reporting Process for the Water Leakage Testing Results of the AAMA 501.2

The Building Leak Detection Company will provide a written report for the clients. They will report the material, manufacturer of the windows and their location on the building. The condition of the test specimen and any modifications should also be noted.

The testing procedure will be explained as well as the testing results including any testing points of water leakage. There will also be a statement that assures the compliance of the testing to the AAMA 501.2 standard.


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