ASTM E1105 Standard Test Method


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ASTM E1105 Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Installed Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls, by Uniform or Cyclic Static Air Pressure Difference

The ASTM E1105 standard test method is a standard procedure that determines the water resistance of exterior windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls. To find out if there is water penetration, the water intrusion specialist determines the cyclic air pressure to be used. The testing company must have specific knowledge of the calculations necessary to determine the correct pressure. Building Leak Detection Company uses this standard method of testing for residential and commercial properties.

Standard Test Method

Water penetration testing can be done on a window, skylight, curtain wall or door assembly before the final constructions completed. This makes much more sense because water penetration can be caught in time and corrected before final finishes such as drywall are completed.

ASTM E1105 Test Procedure

This test method covers the field determination of water penetration by using a water spray system along with custom built pressure chambers. The specialized spray rackuses nozzles simultaneously spraying water on the exterior face of the area being tested to determine water penetration resistance.

Compression Chamber is Built on the Inside

The first step is to build a pressurized air chamber on the inside of the test specimen such as a window or door assembly. It is usually made out of ply wood or plastic and works with any type of device such as a vacuum that can create the constant air flow creating the right air pressure differential necessary for this application.

Water is Sprayed on the Exterior

Next a calibrated water spray system is used to spray water continuously on the exterior of the test specimen. The nozzles should be placed equally so that the uniform pressure is used. This should be tracked using a water pressure gauge.

For a successful test, both the water spray and the static air pressure should help to identify water penetration of installed exterior windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls. Once the areas are identified, they are reported in a standard format by the professional testing company. The report must follow the guidelines of the ASTM E1105 standard testing method.

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